Serving Our Community for 73 Years


In 1943 a tent revival took place near what is now Edwards Collision Center. Converts from this tent revival organized to form what is now the Central Baptist Church.

The following men served as pastor during the first 11 years:

B. F. Dearmore (1943-1944)

W. W. "Woody" Baker (1944-1951)

R. N. Powers (1951-1953)

L. A. Whatley (1953-1954)


In 1955,  Central Baptist Church called a young man named Paul A. Henderson to serve as pastor.  Under his leadership, the church experienced growth and entered a building program, moving to its location at 210 Sanders St. In addition to pastoring, Pastor Henderson taught at Arlington Baptist College for 17 years and authored many "Bible Notes" for use in churches on the mission field. Then, in 2002, Pastor Henderson retired for the first time.

From 2002-2007, James Turner served as pastor.

In early 2007, Pastor Henderson came out of retirement to once again serve as the pastor of CBC. He served  until September 7, 2008. From that moment until his death in February 2014, he served as Pastor Emeritus.  

In March, 2008, Pastor Henderson & CBC chose to bring in Rocky Lindley to serve as the Associate Pastor. On September 7, 2008, Pastor Henderson once again retired and Rocky Lindley was called to serve as pastor. He served until January 2017. It was during this time that Central Baptist relocated to their current location on Wise Street and continues to focus on seeing lives changed by the gospel.